sızma zeytinyağı nasıl yapılır
sızma zeytinyağı nasıl yapılır

Sızma zeytinyağı nasıl yapılır

How to make extra virgin olive oil

We are an olive country. But our people know little about olive oil. Not many people know about olive oil. On this feast day, as an olive oil consumer, I will tell my readers what I have learned about this subject. Let me tell you what happened, so that our people knowingly make their choice when buying olive oil.

People have been producing olive oil for about 5,000 years. Olive oil production in Spain first, Italy second, third Greece, and the fourth  is Turkey . It can be said that the highest quality is obtained from the Tuscany region of Italy. Tuscany is one of the most beautiful places in Italy with its beautiful architecture, small village farms and numerous olive groves. Italy is one of the leading countries in this field with its 500 million olive oil produced with 2.5 million trees. As it is known, pure extra virgin olive oil is very valuable. Meanwhile, low-quality olive oils are not only in the kitchen; It is used in cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals and even in fuel production.

Olive oil is the healthiest oil. There’s no healthier than that. As with every product, crooks,  those who want to earn a lot of money in less time , can play games in olive oil.
You can buy extra virgin olive oil from places you trust. It is essential to stay healthy, but attention is also so important.
This year, olives more or less, fraudsters, profiteers can mislead you by knowing this opportunity.
The article I wrote about olive oil recently was criticized by some friends. “Ayvalik olive oil is the best oil in the world,” they said. “When you write like that, our brand is hurt.”
The information I have written is  one of the most competent I’m getting. I buy olive oil factories in Ayvalık, olive groves in Ayvalık, and those who have their own olives in factories.

Good olive oil, even very good olive oil that may vary from tech updates

obtained. The source of this starts from the variety of olive groves. Other factors of course, mastery in olive cultivation, tree care, environmental practices are very important. All components of olive oil taste, smell color flavor aroma is always affected by these factors.

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