Dünyanın en kaliteli zeytini “Gemlik Zeytini”

Dünyanın en kaliteli zeytini "Gemlik Zeytini"
Dünyanın en kaliteli zeytini "Gemlik Zeytini" - Yazar Kemal Altundağ

The best quality olive ” Gemlik Olive

When Gemlik is mentioned, “Olive” comes to mind, and when Olive is mentioned “Gemlik” comes to mind.

Hand made, the best quality olives; Gemlik! 

It takes its name in Gemlik district of Bursa and comes to mind when it comes to black table olives
. An endless effort is spent in the cultivation / picking and processing of Gemlik Olives until they come to our table.
And what makes Gemlik Olive the World’s Best Quality Olive is the equivalent of this effort.
Gemlik Olive goes through many stages until it reaches your table. The moist soil, which swells with snow and rain during the winter, is mixed in the spring by plowing or plowing with a motor, and the olive tree, whose excess and unnecessary branches are cut by pruning, is made ready for its new crop. krogerfeedback

“Gemlik” comes to mind when olive is mentioned

Gemlik Bursa

Olive blooms in the first half of June. Stem bottoms struggle is made in July to ensure that the olives hang more securely on the tree. In July and August, the olive is irrigated. Usually, the drip method is used in the irrigation process. In the second half of September, olives begin to be oiled.

After that, the harvest season is awaited, olives are carefully collected by hand in a basket one by one in November, December and January, when the hardest and cold starts, and at night the red and unripe green olives are separated from the ripe black olives. Quality black olives are graded according to their caliber and left to mature separately in brine pools.
It is fermented in pools with water and salt without using any additives. And it comes to your table in its most natural form. Delta International Recruitment Agency


  • Gemlik Olive has a structure and flavor unique to its region and that is not grown anywhere else in the world.
  • Its geographical structure, climate, cultivation style and many other factors have unique characteristics and a distinct womb. It has proven this feature by obtaining the Geographical Registration Mark.
  • It is the best quality olive in the world.
  • Not its type, variety, imitation; is essential.
  • It is the most famous of the dozens of varieties of olives grown in our country.
  • It is natural black, darkens on the branch and is not harvested unless it is completely black. It comes to your table naturally without using any chemical additives.
  • It is raised with endless labor and care throughout the year.
  • It is collected one by one by hand.
  • The core is small, the shell is thin, it is fleshy.
  • It is extremely tasty and durable.
  • It is only pickled with salt and water and fermented.
  • It can remain in its packaging for months.
  • It has a long shelf life.
  • All of the companies that produce and market olives in Gemlik produce in accordance with the food codex.


Because: Olive oil obtained from olives contains olein, vitamin E, hydrocarbons, linoleic, palmitric and steraic acids. In addition to containing plenty of calories, olives contain all these benefits not only in their oil but also in their own body. Olive grains are very nutritious. Its leaves and shells lower sugar and high blood pressure, and lower worms in the intestine. Its oil is very useful in jaundice, it works the liver, increases bile, and relieves liver pain. It should not be forgotten that fats are digested in the intestines, not the stomach. In addition, while olive oil reduces the LDL component of cholesterol that causes vascular occlusion, it does not affect HDL, which we call good cholesterol. Oleic acid, which contains 80%, is very beneficial in terms of ensuring the development of the baby’s nerve tissues in breast-feeding women. Olive oil is the healthiest oil that can be used in frying. It plays a protective role against gastrid and ulcers and is good for constipation. Vitamin E contained in olives and olive oil prevents aging of tissues and reduces the adverse effects of aging on brain functions. It is a natural food. It is nutritious, delicious and a traditional additive. It is nutritious, contains protein, vitamins and antioxidants, proving that olive is a medicine for many problems. It is the raw material of the undisputed healthiest oil in the world.
It is fertile. It has been at the service of humanity with its oil, light, soap, and pomace since ancient times. It is a culture and a way of life. 
Gemlik olive is a type that is produced in a wide geography starting from Bursa and reaching Mardin from the coastline. Of course, these geographical differences also affect the oil rate and yield of the olive.

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